Cannon Barrels

Our most common steel black powder cannon barrel

3″OD×18″ long, 1×3 powder chamber, has 1″ diameter trunions, golf ball size bore
$450.00 ea


Steel black powder signal mortar

3″ODx6″ with 1″ trunion
3/16 fuse hole

Black powder steel cannon barrel

4″ OD, 18″ long, golf ball size bore, has a 1″×3″ powder chamber, the trunions are 1″ diameter


Steel black powder cannon barrel

7.5″OD×48″ with 3″ bore with a powder chamber, Has 1.5″ trunions.


Black powder ship cannon barrel

3″OD×18″. 1″ trunions, golf ball bore with powder chamber, $499.00



Black powder Mortar, 3″OD×9″ tall.

$125.00 ea


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