The Art of BBQ, and BBQ as Art

These days, you don’t need to be a professional cook to master the art of BBQ. Whether you are a seasoned outdoor cook or new to the game, you can find loads of books, videos, and TV shows showing how the professionals cook their “award winning” BBQ.

It’s not always the size of the cooker that matters, either. In our experience, we have found the small patio size versions of grills and smokers to be just as effective as the big, showy pieces on trailers. But then again, maybe you WANT to show off!

It’s all about what you want. We make custom smokers that fit your lifestyle.

And we are happy to share our cooking secrets with you! Look for periodic posts on how to cook, what to cook, and how to have a blast doing the BBQ thing. Food is love, and we love BBQ!

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